Nad Rokytkou


Nad Rokytkou

The Nad Rokytkou residential area is located approximately 20 minutes from the centre of Prague, on the bank of the Rokytka brook which flows through Vysočany between the Freyova and Kbelská streets. Although the Průmyslová thoroughfare is not far from this location, the quiet environment and an exceptional amount of greenery for Prague is characteristic of the whole area. And because the aim of the whole project is to build precisely on these benefits, our project planners have relied on low apartment buildings, which will be placed in a cultivated park area. The pleasant natural environment will be enhanced by a cycling path that will connect the whole area from the west to the east and even connect it with the centre of Prague. You and your children will be able to move easily and safely about the area, whether for games, sports, meeting new friends or on your trips to the surroundings.

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Dvùr nad Rokytkou

The construction of the second stage started in autumn 2007 and went through the approval process in year 2009.
There are 275 flats in 10 buildings.

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Zahrady nad Rokytkou

The first stage Nad Rokytkou Gardens went through the approval process in the spring of 2008. 

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Nad Vltavským údolím *

The Nad Vltavským údolím residential complex has been sensitively fitted within the Budovec villa neighbourhood, which enjoys the reputation of one of the greenest localities in Praha 6 and Prague as a whole. Low four-floor buildings with only four to six flats on each floor give the impression of a larger detached house. The housing locality forms an oasis sufficiently distant from the busy life in the city, and yet it does not take long to go shopping or to work from there.
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Rezidence Tupolevova *

Modern housing of the 21st century. The Rezidence Tupolevova complex incorporates all the general ideas of modern housing in the 21st century. Two architecturally attractive and practically well-arranged houses are located near the Letňany shopping and cultural centre. They are also surrounded by abundant greener, which helps the residents to live in a natural environment.

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Trojská brána *

Enter Trója and discover comfortable life inside a green oasis embedded in the city. Trojská brána is a residential building located on a sunlit slope of the Trojská Street, not far from the green parks of the Trojská Basin and within easy reach from the centre of Prague. This luxury project for only 23 families meets the discerning demands for modern housing, and has been designed accordingly.

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