BCD Group confirms the plan to commence building of a zone worth a billion in Aš in 3 months after the building permit
30.1. 2008, Press release

The expected investment of approximately 25 billion CZK (one billion EUR) will take place in the next 10 years. The project is not in delay so far. The zone will offer services and job opportunities in the new complex to more than two million citizens who live in the region. BCD Group plans to divide the construction into four consecutive stages. The project has been prepared by Israeli and Czech architects with a large respect to the environment.
“The joining of the Czech Republic up the Schengen area has opened a new dimension for us. It turns out that the position at the interface of Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony encourages Aš to seize the attractive opportunity to become a modern centre of the border communication in new Europe,” stated architect Oldřich Hysek, responsible for coordination of technical maters of the project.
“We are processing all practical professional aspects of the project. Aš project needs vast investment in studies and technological implementation. We focus on its impact not only on Aš , but also on area of at least 5O km around Aš,” adds David Spiegel, director of SD Development – the Project Manager of the Aš project.